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Forge Blacksmith Gas Forge


Blacksmiths propane fueled forge.  My forges easily reach forge welding heat and only consumes 4 lbs of propane per hour in order to do so.

Forge Details

double atmospheric burners

12 fire bricks rated for 2800 F 

The forge is composed of 3 refractory layers . Blanket insulation is fully encapsulated in hard refractory mortar to prevent fibers from becoming airborne. The floor is protected by dense refractory concrete cast I place. 

The cylinders are 12" in diameter forge and approximately 17-18" long (exterior measurements). Interior 8” x17” diameter

Complete hose, gauged regulator and fittings can be added to unit by clicking the drop down menu.

This website isn't capable of calculating shipping on this item please contact for an individual quote. 

Each cylinder has 2 feet on it so that it can sit on a non-flammable surface capable of handling high temperature. Tables with solid or grated tops often ideal choices and are sold separately, please contact Front Step Forge directly to order one. I've added a picture of the thermocouple showing the internal temp of 1344  Celsius ,that's 2450 Fahrenheit. That isn't as hot as its capable of but it is easily forge welding heat and near destruction of my thermometer ( k type thermocouple ) The accompanying photos of the small anvil and cable Damascus knives were made in this forge. Please make contact to discuss shipping arrangements as this site isn't able to calculate them.

You can see extensive galleries of my work at

local pick up is available at Front Step Forge in Edmonton, Canada or order online here. Please phone or email to figure out the best shipping options for your area. 

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